Suits Affecting Parent-Child Relationships In Texas

Many children here in Texas and throughout the country are born outside of marriage. If those parents separate, however, Texas has a legal process in place to protect the best interests of the child.

Known as suits affecting parent-child relationships (SAPCR), these lawsuits are designed to clearly spell out arrangements similar to the child custody process for divorcing parents. At Brass & McCotter, we understand how important your parental rights are. If you come to our law firm in Conroe, we can help you with a SAPCR that determines important factors like:

  • Where the child’s primary residence will be and the restrictions on it
  • What the other parent’s visitation rights are
  • Who will decide where the child goes to school, goes to church and seeks medical attention
  • Which parent will pay child support, if any

Committed To Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

Our lawyers firmly believe that a child benefits from having a healthy relationship with both parents. That means it is usually to your benefit to work on an agreement with your ex-partner. This is usually preferable to putting the decisions in the hands of a family law judge, and will make it easier for you to work together in the future as you continue to co-parent.

There are many circumstances, however, where it will be necessary to take aggressive action to protect the rights of you and your child. This can be because one parent is physically abusive or does not provide a safe, stable environment. We have taken cases to court on behalf of parents and grandparents.

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