Getting A Post-Decree Modification In Texas

Circumstances change after a divorce. That is why most decrees issued in family court can be modified. Attaining a modification when you need one is not an easy feat, however, making legal representation important.

You can put your trust in the lawyers of Brass & McCotter to give you straightforward legal advice about your case and how to best receive or contest a post-decree modification. Located in Conroe, Texas, we are one of Montgomery County’s premier family law firms. We are committed to protecting the parental rights and best interests of our clients.

Our Attorneys Can Walk You Through The Process

In order to receive a post-decree modification, you have to prove to a judge that there has been a substantial change in circumstances to warrant the change. Agreements that can be modified include:

  • Child support: This occurs when one parent feels he or she is receiving too little, or the other feels he or she is paying too much. A raise, job loss, medical emergency or a child’s financial needs changing could all be possible grounds for seeking a modification.
  • Child custody and visitation: Parental relocation, a child’s safety and the noncustodial parent’s work schedule changing are all reasons a parent may want to modify a custody order.
  • Alimony: If you are divorced and your spouse remarries, you may be able to stop paying alimony. Similar to child support, a change in economic circumstances could also mean a modification.

Our attorneys are experienced in resolving these disputes outside of court, using forums such as mediation to help you and your ex-spouse come together to forge an agreement. If necessary, however, we can take your case to trial and vigorously assert your case.

To learn more about seeking a modification and what it takes to be successful, contact Brass & McCotter today. Call 936-788-5700 or email us for a free consultation, where we will clearly lay out all of your options.

Attorney Larry McCotter is fluent in Spanish, as are some of our staff.

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