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Here in Texas, charges of domestic violence are referred to in the legal community as “assault family violence.” These serious charges can lead to a long list of negative effects on your life if you are convicted.

At Brass & McCotter, our attorneys understand that there are two sides to every story, and that yours will be heard, because there is too much on the line. If you come to our law firm in Conroe, we can provide you with skilled, aggressive legal representation that seeks to efficiently resolve your case, whether it is assault or assault family violence.

Dismissal is our first objective. We have been extremely successful getting these types of cases dismissed.

Criminal And Family Law Attorneys Who Can Help You

If you are convicted of assault family violence, you could face jail and fines, in addition to the loss of firearm privileges. Additionally, it is likely that you will be subject to an order of protection that can prevent you from entering your own home or having contact with your family.

In addition to our extensive criminal defense services, Brass & McCotter is also a well-known family law firm. When allegations of domestic violence are leveled in the course of a divorce or child custody dispute, we know how important it is to resolve the criminal charges so you receive fair treatment in family court.

With lawyers who have extensive backgrounds in criminal defense and law enforcement on staff, they can deploy their investigative skills to uncover what happened in your case. False allegations are frequently used to gain leverage in family law disputes, and our attorneys know how to determine if victims are exaggerating.

Do Not Delay If Facing These Kinds Of Charges

Whether assault or assault family violence, it is necessary to address these charges quickly. Contact Brass & McCotter online via email or call 936-788-5700 to schedule a free consultation.

Attorney Larry McCotter is fluent in Spanish, as are some of our staff.

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